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the making of sheet-metal pickup trucks


Dispenser Milli-Max filler plates


Barrel lounge collection for Borek | outdoor furniture


candle holder


huisjes op zolder | tiny houses on the attic


collapsible picknick table


pickup trucks

product design

salone del mobile 2019 maarten olden

tiny metalcar project

product design | exhibition design

salone del mobile 2019 maarten olden

Tape dispenser

product design 

salone del mobile 2019 maarten olden

Usit presentation during salone del mobile 2019

exhibition design

salone del mobile 2019 maarten olden

table Milano designed for label Cartoni design

product design | furniture design

salone del mobile 2019 maarten olden


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Product ontwerp | Meubel ontwerp

usit stepladder maarten olden
usit stepladder maarten olden

Monsaraz, buitenmeubilair /  outdoor furniture

Product ontwerp

Monsaraz lounge chair Maarten Olden


Product ontwerp

spliners maarten olden
spliners maarten olden

X-Pro Altrex

Product ontwerp

X-pro Altrex maarten olden

Hollyhock stoel, opklapbare stoel /  foldable garden chair

Product ontwerp

chair Hollyhock, design: maarten olden

Tooltray / Smartbox

Product ontwerp

Tooltray smartbox altrex double decker maarten olden

Tele-ProMatic®, muurafhouder /  wall positioning mechanism

Product ontwerp

telscopic ladder design: maarten olden
Bestek Maarten Olden
bergamo Maarten Olden
Spliners by Maarten Olden
Usit by Maarten Olden
Beach Maarten Olden
Canal boat Maarten Olden
Monsaraz near villa by Maarten Olden
hollyhock chair by Maarten Olden

Maarten Olden designs new lounge collection, Barrel, for Borek | outdoor furniture

Maarten Olden wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Maarten Olden invites you to visit his studio during Glue.Amsterdam 2021

Maarten Olden participates in Glue.Amsterdam for the second time. At his studio at the Zamenhofstraat 108 |Unit 6 ,he will give you an insight in his design process. Maarten designs products for the (furniture) industry and architecture. During Glue he will present...

interview met Maarten Olden

interview met productontwerper Maarten Olden over trapstoeltje Usit

Maarten Olden opens doors new studio during Glue Amsterdam

Maarten Olden participates in Glue Amsterdam. 18-20 September

mo,o - maarten olden


KNSM-Laan 109
1019 LB Amsterdam