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MO,O starts new initiative. Colour pictures of their own designs  for kids and grown-up to colourize….

Today MO,O started a brand-new initiative. In our new ‘Press’folder on the website we released colouring pictures of our designs.

We placed them for your children to download, print and colour with their favourite medium, markers, crayons, paint, whatever their favour is. No more dull clown or badly drawn colour pictures for them, check our designs and colour them….


download DIY racer for kids by Maarten Olden or check out other cool colour pictures to download…


These colour pictures of Maarten Olden’s designs contain work that is for sale via Maarten Olden’s clients. But there are also products presented that are being developed without having any product owners at the moment. If you are interested in one of these products and think you can offer us a good business model to bring it to the market, please feel free to contact us:

Or contact us for a meeting, to find out what we can do for you than you will find out there is even more….loads of it, to be precise.


Colour pictures of designer Maarten Olden